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Destination Couple Photography Session

Pawel and Karolina, lovely couple from Poland, spent nearly a month travelling around South East Asia. Pulau Langkawi was the last destination of their trip. And that's the place where Pawel planned to propose to Karolina.

“I’m so nervous! I have been keeping the engagement ring for the past 18 days and I’m so worried that Karolina will discover the ring!” Pawel passed the ring to me before the couple shooting session starts.


*after few hours of couple photo shootings*


“Karolina, please face the sea and pose.” I said, at the same time giving Pawel some signal to get ready.

When Karolina was done with the photo shootings, she turned and found Pawel getting down on one knee, proposing to her.

Laughter & tears, there marks the new journey for Pawel & Karolina.

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